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Bayfield Town Hall Bayfield ON December 5 2019

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Author: Mark Sloggett and Matt Kositsky
Provided by Mark Sloggett and Matt Kositsky

Sixth of the 7 Ontario shows for the Here Come The Wolves mini tour. This is the second of the three shows Kevin Hearn played and it is also an awesome mixed, recorded and performed show. Check out the sound sample of Mountains and the Sea. I first heard this song and Goodbye Sister Butterfly at Castro's on Feb 4 2017 by Bidiniband. Mountains ended up becoming the closing track on the new album and live it turned into a vehicle for Hugh to stretch out in a different way each time. Also Dave Clark would sometimes use a pair of tap shoes as drumsticks for parts of the song. Amazing how a simple song can become something so much more in the hands of these guys. It is one of the many reasons they are so distinct from so many other bands. They also always seem to just be winging it perfectly.
Lineup is:
Dave Bidini
Dave Clark
Hugh Marsh
Martin Tielli
Tim Vesely

SD Write error in middle of "Last Of The Dead Wrong Things"
* - with Arlo Fleenor

01. Stolen Car   10:36
02. Rearview   3:56
03. Here Come The Wolves   6:48
04. banter   2:05
05. P.I.N.   3:55
06. Northern Wish   7:49
07. banter   0:43
08. It's The Super Controller!   5:37
09. banter   1:45
10. Power Ballad FOr Ozzy Osbourne   3:25
11. banter   2:38
12. Vancouver   10:02
13. banter (Hugh Marsh Interlude)   1:32
14. banter   2:04
15. The Beautiful Night   5:22
16. banter   1:07
17. Claire*   7:54
18. banter   5:52
19. California Dreamline   7:54
20. banter   0:30
21. Music Is The Message   5:06
22. I Wanna Be Your Robot   6:11
23. Encore Break   1:31
24. Last Of The Dead Wrong Things*   8:04
25. Mountains And The Sea   8:56
26. banter   2:23
27. Self Serve Gas Station   6:48
Total Time: 2:10:06

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