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Rheostatics TV Tapes

In 1999 Rheostatics released 2 VHS tapes which were sold at their shows - I think they were released during Green Sprouts Music Week and the first batch had hand written labels. They contain live clips, interviews and videos as well as other assorted stuff. They were never released on DVD.

Tape#1 was subtitled "Funny, Rude, and In Your Home" and contains:
Humber College TV Interview
New Music Interview Trans Canada Soul Patrol era
All The Same Eyes Video
Rain Rain Rain Montage
Legal Age Life on Much Music
4 Little Songs Montage
Soul Glue on Much Music
King Of The Past Video
Claire Montage
The Ballad of Wendel Clark, Part 1&2 Video
Stolen Car on Mike Bullard Show
Bad Time To Be Poor Video
Horseshoe Clip

Tape#2 was subtitled "The World Is Dangerous" contains:
National Anthem
Saskatchewan Live from Maple Leaf Gardens
Hockey Clips
Group Of Seven Clips
Stolen Car Video
Clip Montage (including The National Interview, Jane Sibery Interview, Record Body Count Live @Hillside, SXSW clips)
Aliens Video
Much Music Clips
Shaved Head Live on Much Music
Take Me In Your Hand Live on Much Music
Claire Video
Fan Letter To Michael Jackson Live on Much Music
Record Body Count Video

Edited by Justin Stephenson

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