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The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto December 5 2012 - Bidiniband

Source: Matrix (Aud > Tascam DR-05) + (SBD > Microtrack 2) > Vegas 10.0 (Mixed) > Soundforge 9.0 (Fades,EQ) > CD Wave Editor > TLH > Flac
Author: Eric Mac Innis

The Rheostatics were originally supposed to play 3 Reunion concerts to help celebrate the 65th Anniversary of The Horseshoe Tavern. Unfortunately the concerts got cancelled but Dave stepped in and offered up a free show on Wednesday December 5 2012, what was to be the first of the reunion shows. The show started out with Dave Clark's Woodshed Orchestra and was followed by Bidiniband. The Bidiniband set was a mix of Bidiniband songs as well as a variety of Rheostatics songs featuring guests such as Dave Clark, The Woodshed Orchestra, Tim Vesely, Noah Campbell, Tim Sweeney, Matt Cowley, Selina Martin, Al and Colin of Jazzberry Ram.

Dave Clark's Woodshed Orchestra's opening set can be downloaded here (Flac)

Bidinband setlist:
01. In The Rock Hall / Rock and Roll Heaven   8:46
02. Big Men Go Fast On The Water   3:41
03. Fat   8:20
04. The List   3:51
05. Ladies Of Montreal   3:49
06. Ladies Of Montreal (French with Selina Martin)   4:06
07. The Spirit Of Radio (with Selina Martin)   5:06
08. On Camoragh Lake   7:45
09. Power Ballad For Ozzy Ozbourne (with Tim Sweeney)   3:21
10. Take A Wild Ride (with Dave Clark and Woodshed Orchestra)   1:22
11. Legal Age Life (with Dave Clark and Woodshed Orchestra)   6:57
12. Last Of The Dead Wrong Things   9:58
13. Claire (with Tim Vesely and Dave Clark)   5:35
14. Bad Time To Be Poor (with Tim Vesely)   3:51
15. All Hail Canada   5:02
16. Queer (with Al and Colin of Jazzberry Ram)   3:24
17. My First Rock Concert (with Al, Colin and Matt Cowley)   6:27
18. The Land Is Wild   8:54
19. I Wanna Go To Yemen   3:29
20. Stolen Car (In the crowd with Noah Campbell, Tim, Dave, Woodshed Orchestra)   14:10
21. Horses (with Tim, Dave and Woodshed Orchestra)   8:07
Total Time: 2:05:53

Download Show (flac)