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Static Journey Volume 2: Melville

OK so there are 8 weeks until the 1 year anniversary of the last Rheos show. Sunday March 30 will be the final installment. This week is Part 2 of 9. All about Mellville.

It includes some interviews, some stage banter, some studio tracks and some great live versions of songs. Not all songs are included from each album but I have tried to include either a studio version or live version of "most" people's favorite tracks.

Many of the live versions of the songs included in this 9 part series were provided by Lucky Budd who contributed many of the best sounding shows found on the rheostaticslive.com site. Pretty much every show on the site from Alberta or British Colombia is superb sounding and is likely a Lucky Budd Production. Thanks Lucky!

The live versions of songs found in this project were selected based on a variety of factors including overall sound, interesting version or just rarity of being played live. In some cases I had to select from 20 to 30 live versions. In other cases I only had access to a single version live. In other cases, for flow, a studio version was used. FYI The Hillside Festival recording from 2003 is amazing. On the other hand some tracks may have glitches that are present. Sorry about that. If you notice any glaring problems, email me (Darrin) at info@rheostaticslive.com and I'll try to add a fix.

Static Journey Volume 2: Melville
  1. Interview - CBC Morningside w/ Peter Gzowski May 1991
  2. Woodstuck - The Moose Compilation 1991
  3. Melvillius - 1991
  4. Record Body Count - Melville 1991
  5. Stage Banter Aliens Intro - Massey Hall March 30 2007
  6. Aliens (1988) - Club Vertigo - Victoria BC January 22 2000
  7. Northern Wish - The Icehouse - Victoria BC July 18 2001
  8. Saskatchewan (w/Kate Fenner) - Mrs.Robinson's- Kitchener ON December 20 1997
  9. Horses - Hillside Festival 2003
  10. Christopher - Club Vertigo - Victoria BC January 22 2000
  11. Chansons Les Ruelles - Kingston ON July 7 1991
  12. Lying's Wrong - CBC Brave New Waves February 1987
  13. It - Melville 1991
  14. Stage Banter When Winter Comes Intro - Massey Hall March 20 1997
  15. When Winter Comes - The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON February 16 2001
  16. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald - Green Sprouts Music Week Night 7 - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto ON December 12 2005
  17. You Are Very Star - The Horseshoe Tavern GSMW - Toronto ON March 25 2000
Download Volume 2

Here is the video for Record Body Count:

Here is the video for Aliens (1988)

Here is Christopher from Massey Hall March 30 2007

Here is Northern Wish from Massey Hall March 30 2007

Here is It from Massey Hall March 30 2007

Here is a magical moment during When Winter Comes from Massey Hall March 30 2007

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