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Static Journey Volume 3: Whale Music

For many Rheostatics fans Whale Music is the top album in their catalogue. For most it is probably in their top 3 (for many along with Melville and Introducing Happiness). Kind of their middle child in the Trifecta of Canadian music at its pinnacle. If you are reading this at all, then there is no need to explain what Whale Music is. I'm sure it is different for every fan. For me it was the first album of theirs I heard back in 1992. It didn't sink in until years later after I had my live epiphany moment during Saskatchewan opening a show at The Horseshoe in 1997. I had seen them before this, but I'm sure every fan has their moment where you suddenly "get it". From there, there is no turning back - you're a lifer from that point on, regardless of the fact that the audience was always made up of mutant giants who seemed to congregate at their shows. I'm not kidding, I have never seen a band with more people over 6 1/2 feet tall! They all must be relatives of Don and Martin.

Anyway part 3 of 9 (which I could really make 10 parts at this point) is all about Whale Music. It is comprised of live shows from Fredericton NB to Victoria BC and includes demos, interviews, and Radio shows along the way. There are also a couple of album cuts. I'm sure not everyone will be happy with the studio cut of Self Serve Gas Station but for me it is a spectacular studio cut and sets the tone for the whole album.

Static Journey Volume 3: Whale Music
  1. Whale Music Promo - 1992
  2. Self Serve Gas Station - Whale Music
  3. California Dreamline - Guelph ON - Hillside 2003
  4. Rain, Rain, Rain - Toronto ON - Bathurst Street Theatre - November 14 1992
  5. Queer Interview - Green Sprouts Tape #4 1994
  6. Queer - Spiral Club - Guelph ON - The Spiral Club December 18 1997
  7. First Rock Show - Guelph ON - The Spiral Club December 18 1997
  8. Queer Reprise - Toronto ON - The Horseshoe Tavern March 29 2007
  9. King Of The Past - Whale Music
  10. RDA - Fredericton NB - April 8 2005
  11. Blitzkrieg Bop - Fredericton NB - April 8 2005
  12. Song Of The Garden - Fredericton NB - April 8 2005
  13. RDA cont'd - Fredericton NB - April 8 2005
  14. The Headless One - Greensprouts Demo
  15. The Beat Interview - Greensprouts
  16. Legal Age Life - Vancouver BC - The Media Club October 22 2004 - Night 4 of the West Coast Green Sprouts Tour
  17. What's Going On Around Here? - Greensprouts Demo
  18. Shaved Head - Video Version
  19. Whale Music Stage Banter - Victoria BC - Club Vertigo January 21 2000
  20. Palomar - Victoria BC - Club Vertigo January 21 2000
  21. Soul Glue - Whale Music
  22. Beerbash - Greensprouts Meed Xmas Brown
  23. Who? - Greensprouts Tape
  24. Interview - CBC Brave New Waves - February 1987
  25. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds - Toronto ON - The Horseshoe Tavern GSMW March 25 2000
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In voting on the top 100 Canadian Albums for Bob Merserau's book, I ranked Whale Music at number 1.

Here is the promo video for Shaved Head

Here is the promo for King Of The Past

Here is the band live at Much Music playing Soul Glue

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