Rheostatics Live

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CBC Brave New Waves February 1987

Source : Radio -> cassette -> MP3
Author: Dave Bidini | Transfer: Darrin Cappe

Accoding to Dave Bidini this session was likely recorded in the winter after they came back from their first tour, maybe early 88 (although the tape says 1987). Yes, Dope Fiends was written in 1986 and King Of The Past in 1987, although they wouldn't show up until Whale Music was released in 1992. Stolen Car was written around that time, too, but didn't see light for fifteen years.

01. Dope Fiends And Boozehounds (Dave B.)   4:17
02. Good On The Uptake (Tim V.)   4:38
03. Lyin's Wrong (Martin T.)   2:49
04. Christopher Columbus (Martin T.)   3:52
05. King Of The Past (Dave B.)   4:34
06. Crystals (Tim V.)   3:36
07. 4 Upright Walls (Dave C.)   1:57
08. PROD (Dave B.)   3:57
09. Interview   16:06
Total Time: 45:16

Since this is now an official release and is commercially available via Artoffact Records I have removed the download from the site.