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Snooks Pirate Radio Raise A Little Band 2003

Source : Radio -> Unknown -> MP3
Author: Unknown

01. Part 1   24:53
02. Part 2   14:30
03. Part 3   23:51
04. Part 4   20:15
05. Part 5   19:51
06. Part 6   21:52
Total Time: 2:04:50


Here is Snooks explanation of what this is...

In 2003 I had this hair-brained idea to run a radio station out of my bedroom. Two years previous, I attended Acadia University where I became the program manager of a thing called Radio Acadia nestled in the beautiful Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley, and was well aware of how to operate an online station. So, I set things up and ended up producing a show in my kitchen all about my favorite band, the Rheostatics. I had done numerous shows on them before, and I think I did a pretty good job with this one. I advertised the show on the Rheostatics yahoo list, but ended up with just one listener in Ontario I think.

Sadly, due to my rather busy work schedule, plans to take over the world with a pirate radio station that would change every music listener, and crush every commercial radio station into oblivion, had to be scrapped. Enjoy.

Raise A Little Band. A Snooks The Radio Production (2003)

To The rockery

We Went West
When Winter Comes
Crescent Moon
Record Body Count

Sweet Rich Beautiful Mine
In This Town
Shaved Head

Acoustic Times
Take Me In Your Hand
I Fab These

Tim And I
King Of The Past
Lets Remain Calm

Bruce Willis And The Rheostatics
Dope Fiends And Boozehounds
Song Of Flight
Self Serve Gas Station
Wendell Clark

Easy To Be With You
Biplanes And Bombs
Earth Monstrous Hummingbirds
Find Me Mookie Saunders
The Bee Sky Opus In Magenta

Stolen Car
The Fire

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