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Brave New Waves Vancouver August 22-23 1987

Source : Radio -> cassette -> MP3
Author: Bill Duhigg

This is one of the oldest Rhoes broadcasts to be found to date. It was provided by Bill Duhigg. Here are his notes:
I'm fairly certain all these recordings were made the weekend of August 22/23, 1987, and all were broadcast on CFRO-FM, co-operative radio. The CFRO in-studio appearance and the Savoy gig were on the Saturday, with Pigeon Park on the Sunday. All three locations were in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver. Pigeon Park featured an outdoor stage below the then CFRO offices, and numerous bands performed short sets which were broadcast.

The Savoy
01. OK By Me   3:30
02. You Don't Look So Good   1:47
03. Play That Funky Music   3:24

CFRO Studio (acoustic)
04. Red Dog Ray   2:56
05. Love Is A Rose   2:15
06. The Joker/Good Guys and Bad Guys   4:30
07. Public Square   2:37
08. The Bridge Came Tumbling Down   3:24

Pigeon Park
09. National Pride   3:14
10. The Ballad Of Wendel Clark   4:29
11. Ditch Pigs   4:19
13. Crescent Moon   3:08
14. We're All Living In A Chemical World   6:33
Total Time: 45:59