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Green Sprouts Music Week 1993

Source : Download   Released: 2012   Company: Zunior

From April 12th to April 18th 1993, The Rheostatics played their first of many Green Sprouts Music Weeks. Over the course of 8 shows in 7 days the Rheostatics performed over 175 unique renderings of songs at Ultrasound Showbar in Toronto, considered by many of the musical luminaries of the 90's Toronto scene to be the greatest venue.

Following on the heels of their iconic Melville and Whale Music albums, the Rheostatics were road-testing material that would ultimately be recorded for their most varied and daring album; Introducing Happiness. At the time of this run of shows they were playing many of those songs, some of which were still in the developmental stage. They were not yet aware that a girl named Claire and a soundtrack to the Whale Music Movie would precede the recording of that album.

Featured on this set are not only embryonic versions of songs bridging the gap between mythology and history for fans, but 7 unreleased songs, some of which have not been heard by anyone since the spring of 93. Written at the zenith of the bands creative peak, many who are not familiar with the quality of work which was released in that time period, will be left scratching their heads in amazement at the songs left by the shoreline. Two of the shows took place in the afternoon starting the tradition of at least one all ages show at some point during their GSMW/Fall National residencies.

The 1993 shows also featured a host of guest musicians including Chris Brown and Gene Hardy of The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Lewis Melville, Dave Allen and Kevin Hearn who at that time was still in The Look People. Bob Snider and The Inbreds were the opening acts throughout the week. Dave Ulrich of The Inbreds would go on to start Zunior.com, which is where this brand new 3 CD distillation of material from those 8 shows can be purchased for download as of March 30 2012.

"Green Sprouts Music Week 1993" arrives nineteen years after the actual shows, fifteen years after their first live album "Double Live", seven years after their last release "Calling Out The Chords, Vol. 1", and five years to the day after their last official show at Massey Hall. From spontaneous and funny to whimsical and gonzo chaotic. From stark beauty to deep dark intensity. From San Quentin to Trudeau's Cock. Rediscover the beauty of the Rheostatics.

For further info please contact Darrin Cappe and Noah Campbell at gsmw1993@rheostaticslive.com


Disc 1:
01. Northern Wish   6:23
02. Who?   3:12
03. Crescent Moon   3:31
04. Ditch Pigs   4:49
05. Delta 88   3:49
06. Lying's Wrong   3:26
07.      3:58
08. Green Sprouts   11:11
09. Pigeons   1:22
10. Ebbs And Flows   3:59
11. Row   4:10
12. Rain, Rain, Rain   4:43
13. Cephallus Worm/Uncle Henry   5:27
14. No Smoking   0:39
15. Palomar   4:21
16. Saskatchewan   9:20
17. Onilley's Strange Dream   5:36
Total Time: 1:19:44

Disc 2:
01. Self Serve Gas Station   5:49
02. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds   7:05
03. Beerbash   3:53
04. Woodstuck   2:59
05. The Headless One   3:31
06. Record Body Count   3:04
07. Seems Like   2:54
08. Fish Tailin'   4:14
09. Legal Age Life At Variety Store   2:54
10. King Of The Past   4:36
11. Full Moon Over Russia   4:59
12. California Dreamline   5:51
13. Canadian Dream   5:51
14. Higher And Higher   4:08
15. Aliens (Christmas 1988)   4:42
16. It   5:57
17. When Winter Comes   8:41
Total Time: 1:19:30

Disc 3:
01. Christopher   5:02
02. Shaved Head   6:20
03. Judy Warned   4:30
04. Good On The Uptake   6:20
05. Sickening Song   4:49
06. What's Going On Around Here?   6:47
07. OK By Me   3:16
08. Margaret Atwood   2:57
09. Fan Letter To Michael Jackson   4:31
10. RDA   3:04
11. Horses   6:56
12. Soul Glue   4:15
13. Queer   10:46
14. Circles   1:14
15. Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too   3:14
16. One More Colour   5:33
Total Time: 1:19:21

Band Members:
Dave Bidini
Dave Clark
Martin Tielli
Tim Vesley

Dave Allen - violin
Chris Brown - keyboards
Gene Hardy - saxophone
Kevin Hearn - keyboards
Lewis Melville - pedal steel
Michelle Rumball - backing vocals

Recorded live by Gary Stokes at Ultrasound Showbar in Toronto, Canada
April 12-18 1993
Artwork by Martin Tielli, Noah Campbell and Darrin Cappe
Germinated, Edited and Post Produced by Noah Campbell and Darrin Cappe
Thanks to Michael Phillip Wojewoda for consultation on mastering

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