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Here Come The Wolves

Source : CD   Released: September 6 2019   Company: Six Shooter Records

All info on where to buy the album can be found at this Six Shooter Records link.


01. Vancouver   6:29
02. AC/DC On The Stereo   2:55
03. Rearview   3:15
04. Here Come The Wolves   6:08
05. It's The Supercontroller!   3:47
06. Music Is The Message   4:46
07. Diamonds On Our Toes   4:07
08. I Wanna Be Your Robot   4:00
09. The Beautiful Night   4:12
10. Goodbye Sister Butterfly   3:27
11. Albatross   4:56
12. Mountains And The Sea   5:22
Total Time: 53:17

Band Members:
Dave Bidini
Dave Clark
Kevin Hearn
Hugh Marsh
Martin Tielli
Tim Vesely

Produced by Chris Stringer
Recorded at Revolution Recording and Union Sound Company
Engineered by Alex Gamble and Chris Stringer
Assisted by Luke Schindler and Darren McGill
Additional Engineering by Tim Vesely, Dave Clark, Martin Tielli, Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Mixed by Chris Walla, Gus Van Go, and Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Mastered by Joćo Carvalho and assisted by Bryan Lowe at Joćo Carvalho Mastering
Artwork by Martin Tielli
Graphic design and layout by Chris Peters
All songs written by Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Hugh Marsh, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesely, except "Mountains and the Sea" was written by Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Hugh Marsh, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesely plus Kevin Hearn (all SOCAN).
"It's the Super Controller!" was written by Dave Clark.
"AC/DC on the Stereo" was written by Brodie Lodge, Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Hugh Marsh, Martin Tielli, Tim Vesely.
Brodie Lodge (Dum Spiro Spero, BMG/Chrystalis USA)

Additional Musicians:
Serena Ryder: vocals on "Sister Butterfly"
Yawd Sylvester: vocals on "Diamonds On Her Toes"
Rebecca Hennessey: Trumpet on "It's the Super Controller!"
Karen Ng: Saxophone on "It's the Super Controller!"
Juila Hambleton: Clarinet on "It's the Super Controller!"
Tom Richards: Souzaphone and Trombone on "It's the Super Controller!"
Bruce MacKinnon: Saxophone on "It's the Super Controller!"
Chris Stringer: additional guitars, keys and percussion