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Music From The Motion Picture Whale Music

Source : CD   Released: 1994   Company: Sire/Warner Brothers
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01. Song of Congregation   3:54
02. Find Me Mookie Saunders   1:32
03. Torque Torque   2:10
04. Desmond's Reflections   1:56
05. Dez's Lament/Claire   4:32
06. Ocean Courtship   1:52
07. Song of Flight   3:41
08. Fried Brain   2:00
09. Song of Danger   4:10
10. Song of Courtship   2:31
11. Goodbye, Claire   1:18
12. Song of Sadness   3:55
13. Euqrot Euqrot   1:43
14. End Title   4:12
15. Deconstruct Me, Claire   4:13
Total Time: 43:45

Band Members:
Dave Bidini
Dave Clark
Martin Tielli
Tim Vesely

The OST for Whale Music isn't going to be anyone's Go To album but it is a very important album in the history of the band in my opinion. in 1993 the band were road testing a bunch of material that they were preparing to record for what would become Introducing Happiness. Before that however they were asked to provide music for the soundtrack to the movie Whale Music which was being filmed from Paul Quarrington's novel - which we all know they had named their previous album after. The soundtrack ended up being two thirds of a Rheostatics album with 4 of the 12 tracks being scores provided by George Blondheim (Goodbye, Claire; Desmond's Reflections; Fried Brain; End Title). The rest is a bit like the Peter Gabriel soundtrack for the movie Birdy, with some new material mixed in with some refurbished Rheos material. It is almost like a half way point between Whale Music and Introducing Happiness. Song of Congregation was musically tied to Onilley's Strange Dream. Find Me Mookie Saunders and Song Of Flight are fairly similar and new but were being played live in 1993, Torque Torque is new and Erqrot Erqrot is a backward mix of the music, Dez's Lement/Claire, Goodbye Claire and Deconstruct Me Claire are all songs in the key of Claire, Song Of Danger is new, Song Of Courtship is an instrumental piano version of Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too, Song Of Sadness is based on Self Serve Gas Station. SO as a whole it is far more a soundtrack album than a proper Rheos album in my opinion but it is also like a half way point between two amazing albums, Whale Music and Introducing Happiness. Without it there would have been no Claire as it was written specifically for the soundtrack and ended up being re-recorded for Introducing Happiness, which ultimately opened the band up to a far bigger audience. So although it is probably far down the list of key albums by the band it is actually extremely important in their longevity, success and overall palate of oddities they produced that, to me, defined why they were so amazing. Not just that they did great albums but that they did an album based on the Group Of 7, and a soundtrack to a movie, and a "children's album" and Nightlines...whatever that is smile emoticon. For me it is a very important piece as to why they were such a unique and interesting band. Darrin Cappe