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Ultrasound Showbar, Toronto Ontario September 22 1995

Source : DAT -> MP3/wav/flac
Author: Rheostatics | Provided by Dave Bidini
Fifth night of the third annual Green Sprouts Music Week held at Ultrasound Showbar September 18-23 1995. The first song is Tim Vesely performing a rap he wrote along with Farm Fresh and Rheos and then perfected the following night. If you ever listend to or attended all the shows of a GSMW run you know how the band kind of builds through the week and really hits a stride a few shows in - this is one of those types of shows. Interesting to hear how even within single songs they were working on the transformation from night to night as they worked them out in front of a crowd - Desert Island Poem aka Drumheller is a great example. Song Of Flight/California Dreamiline/Digital Beach/Earth is a particularly great run from this show. Don sings Never Forget for the second time and also second time ever singing lead at a live show. Sweet Rich Beautiful Mine features Tamara Williamson who co-wrote the song. All in all a great show. It is funny looking back at shows that have the impression of classic setlists but in fact half of the songs had not even been recorded yet and were pretty unfamiliar to fans.

01. Tim Vesely and Farm Fresh   14:23
02. Crowd Chatter   2:50
03. A Mid Winter Night's Dream   10:32
04. Feed Yourself   7:55
05. All The Same Eyes   3:49
06. Banter - GSMW   1:36
07. Aliens (Christmas 1988)   5:00
08. Banter - Gary Stokes   0:42
09. My First Rock Concert   3:52
10. Four Little Songs   6:03
11. Banter - Screaming Fan   1:02
12. Connecting Flights   2:49
13. An Offer   5:09
14. Banter - Don Kerr   1:47
15. Never Forget   4:30
16. Desert Island Poem   5:57
17. Song of Flight   4:09
18. California Dreamline/Digital Beach   5:35
19. Earth/Monstrous Hummingbirds   6:46
20. Queer (with King of the Past teaser)   4:46
21. Banter   1:40
22. Sweet Rich Beautiful Mine   4:29
23. Banter - Winnie Cooper   1:05
24. Fat   9:00
25. One More Colour   5:45
26. Fan Letter To Michael Jackson (cut)   0:58
Total Time: 2:01:56

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