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Ontario Place Forum May 30 1992 - Opening For Barenaked Ladies

Source : DAT > wav/mp3/flac
Author: Unknown | Provided by Dave Clark

Just prior to the release of Whale Music. This was the night that Rheos and BNL finished their show at Ontario Place and then all made their way to Clinton's Tavern to join The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir onstage. That was the show where BTC started their final song People Get Ready with all members of the Bourbons on stage and then gradually they swapped out with other musicians until the song finally ended with none of the band onstage, only members of other bands.

01. Aliens (Christmas 1988)   2:45
02. Soul Glue   3:39
03. Horses   6:43
04. Shaved Head   5:45
05. California Dreamline   4:36
06. Queer   6:50
Total Time: 30:16

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