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Ted's Wrecking Yard Toronto, ON May 30 2001

Source : MiniDisc -> WAV -> 320kps MP3
Author: Darrin Cappe


Just prior to the release of Night Of The Shooting Stars Don Kerr announced that he was leaving Rheostatics. He had been doing double duty with them and also as drummer for Ron Sexsmith and had to make a decision on one or the other. Two final shows were announced to take place at Ted's Wrecking Yard in Toronto which had become the home of the band prior to moving their annual residencies to The Horseshoe Tavern (following Ted's closure). Don wrote the set list for both nights. This is a soundboard recording of Don Kerr's last show on May 30 2001. Originally the plan was for us to release this as an official live album with the previous night as a bonus disc but at this point it is probably best to just put it out there. These 2 "discs" have been edited for lengthy breaks without audio as well as processed for better sound. The sound fades at the end of the first disc as the source tape ran out. This set features Kevin Hearn on keyboards and features two very rarely played songs in Remain Calm and The Idiot. FYI Don's last actual show with the band at the time was Sunday June 4 at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. He would join them for first final show at Massey Hall on May 30 2007 and then again from September 3 2015 at the AGO through TURF Fest on September 18 2016.

01. Fat   8:35
02. Remain Calm   4:12
03. The Idiot   3:37
04. Aliens (Christmas 1988)   5:24
05. King Of The Past   5:24
06. Mumbletypeg   5:04
07. P.I.N.   5:17
08. We Went West   5:18
09. Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine   4:18
10. Saskatchewan   9:22
11. Bread, Meat, Peas and Rice   5:06
12. The Sky Dreamed   4:03
13. Bad Time To Be Poor (cut)   3:30
14. Satan Is The Whistler   6:17
15. My First Rock Concert   4:28
16. Banter   2:22
17. Song Of Flight   3:01
18. California Dreamline   4:37
19. Feed Yourself   7:45
20. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds->Alomar->Dope Fiends end->Four Little Songs end   11:04
21. Fan Letter To Michael Jackson   7:05
22. Record Body Count   4:52
23. Horses   7:03
24. Stolen Car   2:11
25. Don't Say Goodnight (cut)->Applause   2:11
26. Take Me In Your Hands   4:28
27. CCYPA   7:27
Total Time: 2:28:46
Sound Sample - Mid Winter Night's Dream mp3

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