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Fall Nationals The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto November 15, 2004

Sloggett Recording: Soundboard > Tascam DA-P1
Clarkson Recording: Soundboard > 8 track recording -> flac/wav/mp3

Author: Mark Sloggett/Steve Clarkson
Clarkson version mixed by Darrin Cappe

Details: The Rheostatics, live at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, November 15, 2004. This was the 7th show of their 12 night Fall Nationals run at the Horseshoe. Two versions are available - Mark Sloggett's soundboard recording and 8 track files provided by Steve Clarkson - mixed by Darrin Cappe with a bit of track specific compression, gain, limiting and slight reverb to drum and vocal tracks. Very beginning of Onilley's Strange Dream was missing from the Clarkson files so I have substituted that section of the Sloggett files in its place. Track listing below is the Sloggett Version - sound samples from both can be found below.

01. Onilley's Strange Dream   8:05
02. When Winter Comes   8:02
03. Banter   1:30
04. Superdifficult   2:45
05. Marginalized   4:18
06. Polar Bears and Trees   5:27
07. Shack In The Cornfields   8:49
08. Try To Praise This Ordinary World   7:42
09. Pornography   3:42
10. Who Is This Man, And Why Is He Laughing?   6:55
11. Here Comes The Image   7:58
12. Power Ballad For Ozzy Osbourne   4:17
13. In This Town   4:49
14. Christopher   7:37
15. Little Bird, Little Bird   4:15
16. Fat   14:45
17. Memorial Day   5:11
18. Shaved Head   6:56
19. One More Colour   3:59
Total Time: 1:56:55

Sloggett Sound Sample - Shack In The Cornfields mp3
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Clarkson Sound Sample - Shack In The Cornfields mp3
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