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Fall Nationals The Horseshoe Tavern Toronto December 17, 2005

Recording: Soundboard > 8 track recording -> flac/wav/mp3

Author: Steve Clarkson
Mixed by Darrin Cappe

Details: The Rheostatics, live at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, December 17, 2005. This was the final show of their 10 night Fall Nationals run at the Horseshoe. 8 track files provided by Steve Clarkson - mixed by Darrin Cappe with a bit of track specific compression, gain, limiting and slight reverb to drum and vocal tracks. Great guest moments including Anthony Fragomeni reprising his Drumstein character from Dave Reid's Centennial High School Production, Selina Martin and Jenn Foster guesting on I Dig Music/PROD, Robin Lowe taking another shot at Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine due to issues with Martin's Rig on Guest Vocalist night, Ida Nelson and Tim performing Listening, Kaitlyn and Nevil guesting on the Pogues Fairytale of New York and an awesome version of Powderfinger wedged inside Feed Yourself. Great show to end the final edition of the Fall Nationals.

01. Horseshoe Hotel   3:33
02. Northern Wish   6:01
03. Everyday People -> It's Easy To Be With You   5:48
04. Introducing Happiness   4:01
05. Queer (including Alberta Bound)   7:45
06. Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine (with Robin Lowe)   6:21
07. Lying's Wrong   3:31
08. I Dig Music -> PROD (with Selina Martin and Jennifer Foster)   10:32
09. Making Progress   7:58
10. Who Is This Man And Why Is He Laughing?   5:31
11. Who?   6:34
12. I Am Drumstein (with Anthony Fragomeni)   6:56
13. CCYPA   9:02
14. Triangles On The Walls   5:09
15. Try To Praise This Mutilated World   7:30
16. Fairytale of New York (with Kaitlyn and Nevil)   6:40
17. Feed Yourself (including Powderfinger)   11:01
18. Stolen Car   8:13
19. Song Of The Garden -> You Are Very Star   6:13
20. Encore Break   1:51
21. The Land Is Wild   5:52
22. Listening (Tim with Ida Nelson)   5:42
23. Legal Age Life At Variety Store   17:56
24. Power Ballad For Ozzy Osbourne   3:48
25. PIN   3:32
26. Horses   10:05
Total Time: 2:56:51

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