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Upstairs Cabaret Victoria BC October 26 2004

Source : Soundboard -> Neuros (.ogg file) -> MP3
Author: Lucky Budd | Provided by Lucky Budd

Lucky's Notes:
Technical nightmares!! My DAT recorder totally died as the band took the stage, to become a brick forever more... I remembered that a friend of mine had just bought a Neuros recorder/MP3 player and so I sought him out. He had it in his car and this was its maiden voyage for recording. Unfortunately, the batteries were extremely low, him not knowing that it would be used for recording that night. The batteries cut out during a really awesome Satan Is The Whistler. Anyways, what you have here is a little over an hour of a really good show, featuring many songs which would appear on 2067. I remember a really smokin' Marginalized, and being blown away by The Tarleks. This is all we were able to salvage... enjoy!!

01. Power Ballad For Ozzy Ozbourne   5:01
02. P.I.N.   3:28
03. Legal Age Life (w/Mark Atkinson)   6:24
04. Making Progress   5:11
05. Pornography   4:58
06. Shack In The Cornfields   9:27
07. Here Comes The Image   8:16
08. Stolen Car   10:33
09. Little Bird, Little Bird   4:31
10. Tarzan Boy In China   0:50
11. Mumbletypeg   4:28
12. Satan Is The Whistler   2:41
Total Time: 1:05:48

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