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30 Songs in 30 Days - Swim Drink Fish Music

Source : Internets -> MP3
Author: Dave Bidini

In 2009 Dave Bidini offered up 30 songs in 30 days to help raise money for the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Organization. In the end only 25 songs were recorded but it ended up becoming the foundation of the material for the second Bidiniband album In The Rock Hall. There are some great curiosities in this collection of 4 track recordings including "Basketball" to the tune of The Fire from Night Of The Shooting Stars. Some of this stuff sounds like it could be Ween.

I pulled the following from archive.org's swimdrinkfishmusic.com site reference.

The Swim Drink Fish Music Club is an online music and audio experience @ http://www.swimdrinkfishmusic.com/ developed by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper in collaboration with other Waterkeeper organizations across Canada. Bringing together artists, activists, and citizens who care about clean water, the Swim Drink Fish Music Club invites people to become members and celebrate the Club's exclusive and rare music while at the same time contributing to the fight for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water in their community.

New featured exclusive songs are created by artists who care about clean water and uploaded once a month . Artists such as Broken Social Scene, Sarah Harmer, Bill Frisell, Gord Downie, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner, Stars, Dave Bidini, Bruce Cockburn and Tony Scherr have all contributed exclusive songs to Swim, Drink, Fish, Music's predecessor "At the Barricades: Volume 1" in the past and are founding members of The Club.

Artists confirmed for upcoming features include, Apostle of Hustle, Attack in Black, Emma Lee, Ghost Bees, Gord Downie w/ The Sadies, Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers, Holy Fuck, Land of Talk, Matt & Jill Barber, Neko Case, Ohbijou, and Wintersleep as well as artists such as Brent Randall, Brian Borcherdt, Contrived, Green Go, Immaculate Machine Paper Moon, Royal Wood and Julie Fader.

September's featured artist will be Dave Bidini with a suite of 30 Short Songs About Lake Ontario. Dave Bidini is best known as one of the founding members of the Rheostatics. He is also an acclaimed author and just released his first solo album with Bidiniband. The 30-song suite is Dave Bidini at his low-fi best:

"A lot of the songs are about living close to water - youthful summers on Toronto Island; a misspent teenagehood hanging out at the Leslie Street spit; as an adult sailing with my dad out of the Etobicoke yacht club - as well as the polluted soup that is our city's lake. Almost all of the pieces here were created through the 'instant song' technique - basically writing and singing whatever came into my head - although a few were more obviously crafted. Whatever the case, enjoy, and please help support the Waterkeepers. I do and will and will continue to, evermore."

Bidini's tracks will be available in their entirety to members and non-members alike. Members will be able to download the entire suite.

In addition to the featured songs, Swim Drink Fish Music Club membership provides other great material:
  1. Rare tracks from up-and-coming indie artists
  2. Episodes of Living At the Barricades, the weekly radio program produced by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and broadcast around southern Ontario. Many of the Music Club members are frequent guests on the show.
  3. A made-for-Canada edition of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Ring of Fire program, broadcast on Air America radio in the United States.
The $10 annual membership fee allows unlimited access to the website for one year. Members can download the songs and play them on any portable music device. All told, members receive more than 50 songs a year. Plus radio programs. Plus event invitations. Plus more.

Every song has its story.

01. A Short Story About Nick Lowe   2:57
02. Andy Lafarge   2:04
03. Basketball   2:03
04. Big Men Go Fast On The Water   2:06
05. Calling Out The Chords   1:07
06. Coke and Chips   2:06
07. Sarah vs. Windmill   1:12
08. Dennis Conner Is Wanted Dead   1:45
09. Earth Revisited   3:18
10. Echo and the Bunnymen Tribute Album   1:06
11. Hey Big Business   1:55
12. Jesus Loves His Trains Of The World   2:59
13. Krystyn Tully   1:46
14. The Last Of The Dead Wrong Things   3:41
15. Needle Beach   0:42
16. Outboard Motors   1:32
17. Popcorn   2:13
18. Research At Nude Beach Resorts   2:24
19. Seriously This Time   2:22
20. South Saskatchewan Blues   2:31
21. The Crayfish and The Welk   1:20
22. Til It's Dry   2:45
23. Unconfirmed Gary Bettman Sighting   2:38
24. Water Is King   1:03
25. You're Like A Wave   0:55
Total Time: 49:29

Sound Sample - Basketball mp3
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