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Rehearsals 1988

Source : Cassette -> MP3/WAV/FLAC
Author: Rheostatics | Provided by Robert Lawson

This is a variety of takes on several songs in rehearsal from 1988. 13 minutes of Lying's Wrong including working on how the ending should go; An acoustic Guitar idea; Tim's Dancing Pool Of Hands which sounds like La Bamba; Working on Christopher ending; Several takes of primal Woodstuck; Another electric song idea; A couple takes of Ugly Manhattan; An acoustic version of OK By Me (which would ultimately appear on Operation Infinite Joy); a 10 minute sonic soundscape which I've called The Horror as it sounds like the soundtrack inside Colonel Kurt's head in Apocalypse Now; finally another take of Ugly Manhattan. Interesting behind the scenes to writing process.

01. Lying's Wrong   13:07
02. Acoustic Guitar Idea   1:46
03. Dancing Pool Of Hands   3:47
04. Christopher   4:55
05. Woodstuck   5:18
06. Song Idea   1:14
07. Ugly Manhattan   2:08
08. OK By Me (acoustic)   1:28
09. "The Horror"   9:51
10. Ugly Manhattan 2   2:39
Total Time: 46:06

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