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Whale Music Demos 1992

Source : WAV files
Provided By: Jeff Robson

This is a goldmine of early Whale Music Era Demos. Per Dave most were recorded in Lewis Melville's studio and were provided to me by Jeff Robson. There is almost enough non-released material to comprise an entire other album which is testament to the level of songwriting productivity that was occurring in the Melville-Introducing Happiness era 1990-1994. Fluffy is a Martin original which like many of the songs here can be found on the "Rarities" page but now in pristine studio quality. I think it also contains the highest note Martin ever recorded - higher than Sweet, Rich, Beautiful and Mine. Now available are pristine quality versions of Floating, Dead Is The Drunkest You Can Get, The Royal Albert (Joey Part 2), Martin's First Day Of School (2 versions), Palomar demo, Memorial Day, and Who?. Big Fish V1 is a better quality version of the one found on the "Rarities" page and for the first time the full version of the song. Fool's Parade is a great song which sounds like it is sung by Lewis Melville - it isn't any of the band members. Patrick Reed is by Don Kerr's old band Lazy Grace. There is an acoustic version of the Bidini original Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too sung by Dave (with slightly different structure and some early lyrics) as well as 2 versions of Legal Age Life - one sung by Dave (band version) and the other by Tim (acoustic). Both show examples of Dave working the song through the most appropriate person for the song - other examples being King Of The Past, Stolen Car, Dope Fiends and Boozehounds, Northern Wish to name a few. How Can You Sleep? is the Dave original that eventually Martin recorded for his Poppy Salesman album. Ugly Manhattan wouldn't make it's debut until the Nightlines Sessions 6 years later. You Are A Treasure would end up on Introducing Happiness. Three versions of The Headless One are available including one labelled slower though I think it is actually the same tempo just an alternate arrangement/mix. The Promised Green is a Dave Clark song also previously found on the Rarities page and Green Sprouts#4 1994 cassette. Two demos of Shaved Head with some alternate lyrics and arrangements/instrumentation - both are excellent. Memorial Day is the version found on Greensprouts Meet The King Of Thunder Bay cassette - was written in the 80's and would ultimately be re-recorded and released on the first Bidiniband album, The Land Is Wild. Melvillius is the studio quality version of the same track found on the Green Sprouts Meet Xmas Brown cassette.

01. Fluffy   4:49
02. Floating   3:26
03. Dead Is The Drunkest You Can Get   2:48
04. Big Fish V1   0:38
05. Big Fish Full Version   3:01
06. Fool's Parade   3:34
07. Jesus Was Once A Teenager Too (acoustic solo Dave)   3:06
08. How Can You Sleep?   3:18
09. The Headless One Version 1   3:35
10. The Headless One Version 2   3:34
11. The Headless One Version 3 slower   3:51
12. The Royal Albert   4:08
13. Martin's First Day Of School Version 1   2:02
14. Ugly Manhattan   2:29
15. You Are A Treasure   2:25
16. Palomar   4:03
17. Legal Age Life (Tim Vocal)   2:11
18. Legal Age Life (Dave Vocal)   1:58
19. Martin's First Day Of School Version 2   2:05
20. The Promised Green   2:17
21. Shaved Head   5:22
22. Shaved Head V2   5:24
23. Patrick Reed   4:33
24. Memorial Day   2:45
25. Melvillius   1:45
26. Who?   3:02
Total Time: 1:21:58

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