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Green Sprouts Meet The King Of Thunder Bay 1991

Source : Cassette -> MP3
Author: Rheostatics

Dave Clark writes:
"It wasn't long after I'd finished the "Green Sprouts Meet Xmas Brown" tape that I received a visit from young Dave Bidini who, quipped with verve and vigour to match my own, helped me paddle across the musical waters leading to this entity: "Green Sprouts Meet the King of Thunder Bay." Smelling like a pike, feeling like a trout, we tested it on our uncultured snouts! It was both beautiful and stinky. No apologies. We just did it!."

01. Selections from Brave New Waves' Sunday, May 12th. 1991 edition here, alongside host Brent Bambury, we picked the winers of our "Where Should the Canadian Rock and Rolll Hall of Fame be?" contest.   1:21
02. Self Serve Gas Station, recorded on Nov,'90 at Ultrasound in Toronto and featuring Dave Allen on violin and Louis Melville on pedal steel.   4:04
03. The Green Sprouts Theme, recorded in Vancouver, B.C. on Nov.'87 at Profile Studios and engineered by Cecil English   2:14
04. Northern Wish, recorded on May 25th.'91 at Ultrasound   5:08
05. The Prairie Grouper, recorded in Guelph, Ontario at Louis Melville's Sound Emporium. Part of the "Melville Party Tape" which was mailed to radio stations across Canada to coincide with the band's true release party at the Enoch Turner schoolhouse in Toronto.   0:34
06. Public Square, taken from our debut release released in 1988, Greatest Hits.   2:36
07. National Pride, recorded live at the Ga Ga Speakeasy in Calgary from a boombox, Nov'87.   5:34
08. P.R.O.D. recorded for the inaugural Brave New Waves sessions on Feb.'88 in Montreal at Studio 13. Engineered by Kevin Komoda and Denis Leclerc.   3:32
09. Sometimes I Feel Like an Elevator, recorded in Dave Bidini's parents' basement, sometime around '81. Rod Westlake on drums and Dave Crosby on keyboards.   3:34
10. Horse Throat, recorded in the basement of CIUT-FM in Toronto on Dec. 10th,'89.   5:24
11. Johnny Mathis, recorded accidentally between two songs during the "Melville" sessions.   2:01
12. Dead is the Drunkest..., recorded at Louis Melville's Sound Emporium on Sept.15th,'90.  2:40
13. Patrick Reed, recorded same as above and featuring Steve Woeller on vocals.  4:26
14. Memorial Day, recorded same as above on July 23rd,'90..  3:50
Total Time: 46:50


Here is the Artwork courtesy of Kevin Fitzpatrick