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Night Of The Shooting Stars Rough Mixes 2001

Source : DAT -> MP3/WAV
Author: Don Kerr

Like looking at slightly different reality where the sky isn't quite the same shade of blue. The order of tracks on the original DAT were Junction Foil Ball, Song Of The Garden, Mumbletypeg, Here To There To You, CCYPA, Satan Is The Whistler, In It Now, We Went West, Superdifficult, The Reward, PIN, The Fire, Remain Calm. I don't know if this was an early sequence or just the order they happened to be mixed in on the DAT. Likely just a random order.

01. These Days Are Good For The Canadian Conservative Youth Party Alliance   5:53
02. Song Of The Garden   3:10
03. Mumbletypeg   3:59
04. P.I.N.   3:35
05. Superdifficult   2:50
06. Junction Foil Ball   4:57
07. We Went West   5:14
08. The Fire   5:37
09. In It Now   2:14
10. Here To There To You   3:19
11. The Reward   4:20
12. Remain Calm   3:54
13. Satan Is The Whistler   6:11
Total Time: 55:06

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