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Whale Music Bed Tracks 1992

Source : Cassette -> MP3/WAV/FLAC
Author: Martin Tielli - compression/limiting/EQ added by Darrin Cappe

This is a tape provided by Martin Tielli of some of the bed tracks for Whale Music. There are 2 versions of Shaved Head, one of which is cut off at the end. One version of Dope Fiends and Boozehounds (with no fade out at end), one version of Who?, one of Sickening Song, Two of Self Serve Gas Station - one with a spoken word beginning, Several takes of California Dreamline, One of King Of The Past and one additional joke ending version. There is a an instrumental version of Queer and Soul Glue and a full version of Queer as well. Not ever song is represented - missing are Rain, Rain Rain, RDA, The Headless One, Legal Age Life, What's Going On Around Here?, Palomar, and Beerbash though I believe I have versions of these on another recording.

01. Shaved Head   5:08
02. Dope Fiends and Boozehounds   6:06
03. Who?   3:06
04. Sickening Song   2:53
05. Self Serve Gas Station (spoken beginning)   4:52
06. California Dreamline   4:10
07. Shaved Head (cut)   4:09
08. King Of The Past   4:39
09. Soul Glue (Instrumental)   3:47
10. Self Serve Gas Station   4:49
11. King Of The Past (Joke Ending)   1:12
12. Queer (Instrumental)   4:24
13. Beerbash (intro vocals)   0:15
14. California Dreamline (guitar)   0:14
15. California Dreamline (alternate)   4:19
16. Queer   5:32
Total Time: 57:47

Sound Sample - Self Serve Gas Station mp3
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