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Introducing Happiness Demos 1993

Source : Cassette -> WAV/FLAC/MP3 files
Provided By: Dave Clark and Dave Bidini

This is comprised of two tapes of demos recorded for Introducing Happiness at The Gas Station studio in June 1993 and November 24-30 1993. This was Dave Clark's last album with the band (until further notice) and also the studio Don Kerr and Dale Morningstar owned and ran. After receiving funds from Sire records the band would eventually make their way to the Bahamas to record the album with Michael Wojewoda at the helm. I'm sure there are more demos but this is what I have for now. A few versions of these songs are floating around in less pristine condition from the Greensprouts tapes.

01. Margaret Atwood   3:00
02. Row   4:26
03. Fish Tailin'   4:03
04. Earth/Monstrous Hummingbirds   4:58
05. Earth/Monstrous Hummingbirds (louder)   4:55
06. Green Xmas   3:14
07. Green Xmas (softer bells)   3:02
08. Take Me In Your Hand (solo acoustic)   2:34
09. In This Town   3:30
10. Me and Stupid (with intro)   3:07
11. Me and Stupid (cold beginning)   2:43
12. Take Me In Your Hand (with intro and ending)   3:21
13. Take Me In Your Hand (same I believe)   3:21
Total Time: 46:02

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